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Costs (& benefits of ending the conflict)

25 minutes of booked mediator time focussing on getting your needs met, presently costs just £12.50, via credit card, PayPal, or cheque. (e-mail to receive the details of how to book).

Your mediator will work-through with you what options you have. You may also arrange extra time to receive more of the understanding and space to explore ways forward.

We will only contact the other person with your agreement. Once we agree a means to approach the person with whom you are in conflict, we will offer them the same initial 25 minutes and all the resources available via this website to support conflict resolution.

Two mediators and an observer from the team will participate in any subsequent telephone mediation that we arrange. We would expect the teleconference to take 50 minutes or more for each of you to hear each others needs and find strategies to meet those needs.

Our confidence in what can be achieved in a 50-minute teleconference comes from the preparatory work that the participants undertake via

We encourage each participant to bring a clear articulation of their needs to the telephone meetings.

Even where the other person does not respond favourably to a request from us for mediation, the first person can work with the mediators on other ways to get their needs met.

123 Telephone Mediation will also provide support to prepare people for a mediation which they are undertaking as a 'face to face' meeting. Face to face mediations are provided e.g. by local community mediation services. Mediation Services offering 'face to face' meetings can be found via the UK mediation directory and enquiry system.

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